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Venue Rental

With a beautiful space, delicious food, great beverage options, and a prime location,

Clouds is the optimal place for your private event... 100 Feet Above!


Clouds' event coordinators are hands-on and work closely with you to give you an event of a lifetime. We create focal points that stand out and define the theme fitting to your event. All of our events give you the option to pair our beautifully handcrafted delicacies and artisanal beverages to the amazing event you can only experience at clouds.

An event is an opportunity to heighten the experience of an extraordinary celebration. At clouds, we've redefined the idea of an event by creating a unique experience. Whenever you are hosting an event such as a birthday party, a work meeting, or a casual gathering, Clouds is the place to be! At Clouds, we believe in creating the experience for all of our guests. Therefore, we go above and beyond to provide you with endless possibilities.


Contact our Event Team for your next event at

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