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The special taste of Europe!

Clouds Group Menu

Available with reservation for groups of 12+

At Clouds, we believe in exclusive menu items for a variety of events. This meaning, we offer a unique menu for your own group choosing. Using our current menu as a foundation, we build off of those culinary items to enhance our group menu. Whether it is for a birthday party, company dinner, or any type of event, Clouds offers this enhanced menu to you and your guests. With exceptionally handcrafted items inspired from the European cuisine; you can make your very own personal menu for any event. Create your own culinary experience...100 feet above.

Reservation have to be made in advance and are subjected to approval.

The party size has to be a minimum of 12.

Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages can be purchased during the event

A 20% service fee will be added to the total

Clouds group menu:

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