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Clouds & Café El Zapote Story

Growing Coffee... Brewing change

At Clouds, we believe in great coffee and great missions. There, we exclusively serve Café El Zapote coffee. Café El Zapote is a local non-profit organization that sends all additional profit back to the Honduran farmers who harvest our coffee beans. Café El Zapote started with an initiative from the Saint Thomas Aquinas Church in Ames who collaborated with a sister church in Honduras to help the local farmers. By reducing the cost of having a third party, Café El Zapote is able to pay the farmers twice the average pay per pound of coffee.

Clouds' offers the whole selection of products that Café El Zapote has to offer. The coffee is available in 14 oz. bags, whole bean, or ground. We take pride in offering a medium and dark roast selection to our customers as they bring out the intense flavors and aromas.

If you want to support also the mission of Cafe El Zapote,

you can purchase a bag of coffee at our online shop.

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Great coffee...

Within the coffee industry, “cupping” provides a consistent methodology for evaluating a coffee’s quality. At Clouds, we are proud to serve coffee that has a cupping score of 85. High-grade quality is at the forefront of our business, and we are dedicated to providing an experience with coffee that you will never forget. Coffee experts describe the Café El Zapote blend as revealing sweet chocolate, toffee, smooth caramel, melon flavor combination with a rich body. Café El Zapote has a cupping score of 85 which is considered an excellent specialty coffee. With each purchase you make you will provide a helpful hand to those who create great potential and dedication but do not have the resources or opportunity to succeed given their conditions. 

...and great Mission

Clouds partners with Café El Zapote to provide the delicious coffee that we all love. Café El Zapote was established in Ames, IA with the sole purpose to support the impoverished communities in Honduras. This organization is implementing progressive change with the Honduran community that will eventually be reflected in the economy. By selling their coffee, they help induce positive change by practicing direct trade as a way to maximize sustainability and profit. In addition to providing a fair wage to the farmers, Café El Zapote donates additional proceeds to the Dulce Nombre Foundation that aids in the surrounding communities.

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