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Welcome to

study marathon
9th Ed. SPRING 2024

OPEN 24/7
April 29th - May 7th

What is Clouds Study Marathon?

Being a student-run cafe, Clouds understands just how stressful finals season can be. That is why we open our doors 24/7 during prep week; to provide students with a cozy and accessible study atmosphere.

Over the semesters, we have discovered new ways to make studying for finals week more fun and engaging. Students are able to log the hours that they have studied at Clouds throughout the week for a chance to win unique prizes that change every semester. The Clouds Study Marathon also has room for groups of friends, group project team members, sororities, fraternities, and even ISU clubs to join in on the competition fun by combining each participant's study hours and competing as one big team. 

Students are also encouraged to shout-out their favorite barista throughout the week as baristas compete for the ultimate title of "Fan-Favorite Barista" where they are also eligible to win prizes as a thank-you for all of their hard work.

Clouds Study Marathon was created as a way to make studying for finals la little less stressful and a lot more rewarding.

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