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Creation Bars

Clouds Creation Bars

On selected days

Step into a world of confectionary wonder, where you become the mastermind behind your very own delectable dessert. At Clouds' New Creation Bars; you can design your very own sweet treat to your specific taste. Each week, we will have a different dessert creation for you and your friends to customize with a variety of flavors, toppings, and sauces.


Welcome to the ultimate dessert extravaganza and indulge in a sweet adventure like no other. At the heart of this experience lies the toppings station, where a plethora of mouthwatering ingredients awaits your creative touch. Carefully curated to cater all taste buds, our toppings selection includes velvety caramel drizzle, crunchy nuts, delicate sprinkles, and more! Our Creation Bars are designed to celebrate the joy of dessert-making, where customers become artists and every bite is an expression of their creativity. So gather your friends, bring your sweet tooth, and join us at Clouds for this experience that will leave you with a sugary smile.

No upcoming events at the moment
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