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A Taste of Europe

At Clouds, we believe in culinary art and fresh ingredients. Therefore, we handcraft each of our menu items to make them healthy, unique and artistic. We strive for excellence in everything we prepare. Without preservatives, Clouds chef’s use fresh ingredients to prepare healthy and delicious meals inspired by European cuisine, taking your taste buds on a tour through Europe. Relax and escape to the other side of the ocean with every dish, created with high quality and exclusive ingredients.

Discover European flavors at Clouds… 100 feet above


Clouds Pastries

Freshly made and available any time of the day

Our desserts and pastries are handcrafted at Clouds and change daily. Enhance your coffee or tea with a delicacy freshly prepared by our pastry chefs. Our desserts are creative, flavorful, aesthetic and more important: additive & preservative free. At Clouds we use traditional recipes and only high quality and exclusive ingredients. 

Clouds Menu

Daily from 10 am till 5 pm

After taking you through our journey through the different dishes, we finally revealed our European menu. Clouds' believe in artisanal and unique delicacies, that can be ordered anytime of the day and paired beautifully with our coffee and tea. All our dishes and pasties are inspired by the tastes and flavors found on the other side of the ocean, put on a plate, and served to you. Enjoy our new menu selection including creative appetizers, fresh salads with handcrafted dressing, handcrafted main courses such as Quiche Lorraine or Lasagna, and be prepared for future culinary destinations.

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