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Clouds Internships

Fall/Spring Experiential Education

At Clouds, we believe in providing great opportunities to enhance student’s experience related to their area of study. Therefore, we offer Experiential Education every Fall and Spring semester. While this format is unpaid, you are given a great opportunity to gain experience in your area of interest and enhance your resume during the school year. The real-life situations that you will be exposed to will prepare you for the future. With a low commitment of meeting of 5 hours a week, you will vastly deepen your knowledge in a project-based learning environment that you can only find at Clouds. This format is ideal if you are seeking for your first major-related job experience and want to see behind the scenes by adding some lines on your resume.


Projects shall include but are not limited to:

  • Based solely around your major

  • Designed to fit your skill set

  • Development of your professional portfolio

  • Great networking opportunity

  • Skill sharing with other interns


Open Positions:

  • Event Intern

  • Social Media Intern

  • Marketing Intern

  • Sales Intern

  • Finance / Accounting Intern

  • Public Relation / Advertising Intern

  • Culinary Art Intern


-5 hours per week

-currently enrolled in a high school or university

-ideal for your first steps in the industry world with hands-on experience

-you will have to submit weekly reports and work closely with your supervisor at Clouds

We are currently taking applications for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024


Send your application at with your resume and the position you are interested in.

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