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Clouds Employment

Part-time jobs

At Clouds, we believe in giving students the opportunity to work while they attend school. Join a team of motivated individuals who are willing to exceed customers’ expectations and provide a unique experience that you can only find at Clouds.

A typical schedule consists of two or three 5 hours shifts. Your Clouds shifts will work around your class schedule. The schedule is set for the whole semester which mean that you will have the same shift every week for the whole semester, so you can easily plan extracurriculars and time off.

We have openings in the front of the house and in the back of the house, but at Clouds, every employee helps in every position and various tasks. 


Being part of the Clouds Crew is being part of the growth of a small business. This means dedication, commitment, strong participation and charisma towards Clouds. 

Clouds is a work environment where your hard work is rewarded with hands-on experience that will assist you in your future career. Check our Instagram and Tiktok to discover more about the Clouds.


Open Positions for Fall 2023:

  • Barista/Host/Server​​

  • Kitchen helper​​

  • Pastry helper

  • Event server

  • Sales assistant

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