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Clouds x ISU Clubs Partnership

Become a Clouds Club Partner

Fundraising opportunities for ISU Clubs...100 feet above

At Clouds, we believe in supporting clubs and creating fundraising opportunities. Therefore, we partner with various Iowa State University student organizations. By hosting events, fundraising, and encouraging their mission, Clouds makes sure to support students in as many ways as possible. We were happy to support various organizations in the past such as the Cosplay Club, the Coffee Club, the Improv Club, the Film Club, the Dance Marathon and many more. Become a Clouds Club Partner and let us know how we can support your Club!

Clouds Club Partner Benefits:

  • Available space to meet at Clouds for club meetings or socials (upon availability)

  • Fundraising opportunities (see below)

To become a Clouds Club Partner:

  • Club must be an ISU approved club

  • Fill your application online

  • We will review your application and follow up with your club

  • The partnership is valid for one semester and can be renewed each semester

Clouds Club Parternship Application

Thanks for submitting!

Examples of fundraising opportunities for Clouds Club Partners

Meeting space

Clouds is located right next to campus and has the perfect environment for your club meetings. Partnered clubs can reserve tables for your weekly or monthly meetings so you can enjoy the best views of Ames while you meet with your club.


We offer a discount for all club members to attend some events Clouds hosts, such as the cooking workshops, the creation bars or the afternoon high tea. This serves as a great opportunity to solidify the relationship between your club members!



Clouds is the perfect location, close to campus, to host a club social or club event. Some private club events we have hosted in the past include: a maids café event for the cosplay club, a photo expo for the photo club, the Trend Magazine release party, coffee tasting event with the coffee club and many more. We are always happy to work with you to customize an event that is fun for your attendees and allows you to fundraise for your club. Come with your idea and we will make it happen!


Fundraising Day… 100 feet above

Clouds become your cafe for a day!  Together we decide on a day and create a fundraising flyer for you to share with your club and friends.

During the whole day any customer that comes with the flyer will contribute to the fundraising of the club. The Club will be responsible for making the flyer and promoting the event. We will give 20 % back on all the purchased made using the flyer.

Current or previous Clouds Club Partners:


  • Photo club

  • Film producer club

  • Trend Magazine

  • GradSWE

  • Cosplay club

  • Dance marathon

  • Coffee Club

  • Kure 88.1

  • Students Helping Rescue Animals

  • Polish Heritage Club

  • Pride Alliance

  • Knitting Club

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Pay it Forward

  • Baking Club

  • Ames Student Association for Malaysians

  • Orchesis

  • French Club

  • Men's Rugby Club

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