The sweet taste of Europe!

Clouds Pastries

Freshly made and available any time of the day

Our desserts and pastries are handcrafted at Clouds and changed daily. Enhance your coffee or tea with a delicacy freshly prepared by our pastry Chefs. Our desserts are creative, flavorful, aesthetic and more important: additive & preservative free. At Clouds we use traditional recipes and only high quality ingredients. Our pastries are baked in small batches between 6 and 8 pastries at a time. When they are sold we prepare the next ones. Come today to discover what the latest creation of our pastry Chefs looks like!

Clouds Exclusive Experiences

On selected days: Exclusive Dinner, Wine & Hors d'Oeuvres

Here at Clouds, we believe in offering exclusive experiences 100 feet above Ames. Some of our exclusive events include but are not limited to dinners, brunch, and wine events. To find out more information on each event, explore the tabs below or the drop-down options under the menu tab. We look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events. 

Exclusive Dinners

The Clouds Exclusive Dinner are more than a dinner, they are a unique experience!

Every Clouds Exclusive Dinner is themed and unique and provide you with creative flavors inspired by European culinary art.